16 August 2014


I slept in until 9 and then laid in bed reading for an hour and a half. My friend Kayla texted and asked if I wanted to head to the farmer's market to meet her, her son and her Grandma who is staying in Eugene for a while.

We met at Park City Cafe, had a delicious lunch and then explored the market where I bought a variety of local, organic produce and almost all of it was $2 a pound.

I also bought a jar of Activation Kraut and spice packets, which I will use as seasoning when I roast vegetables in my toaster oven.


Once I'd had enough shopping and window-shopping, I stopped to sit in the sun and watch the drum circle. I sat in an isolated spot, in that the nearest person was more than ten feet away. 

So I'm sitting alone, taking in the scene and taking inventory on my market haul when, some dude and his toddler daughter come up and kneel down next to me. The guy asks, "hey, do you know anyone who would clean my house for $50? I'm raising my daughter alone and running my own business." 


told him that I didn't know anyone and I wasn't interested in doing it.

And then he just kept kneeling next to me for a reaeaeaeally long time. 

He kept kneeling. 

And kneeling, right next to me.

This guy spent minutes in my personal space until I couldn't take it anymore. I made sure I had my phone, wallet and keys, then exited the scene.

It was weird.

But that awkward moment was balanced out by my borrowing a small cooler to haul home a half-dozen fruit popscicles. It's a nice cooler and one of the farmers lent it to me on the honesty method. Never even asked my name. That dude was nice.

How was your Saturday?

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  1. I worked at the land of the crackhead. But, no one burned it down, so.....



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