12 August 2014

Today was a GREAT day

It's odd to me when I visit the ocean, hike among waterfalls in the same day and then come home and can't find brainpower or some equivalent energy to put words on my blog. I don't know what my "problem" is, but I keep circling back to this feeling that I just want to DO and not document my every move. Too much technology and connectedness is bad. I just want to do and be and exist and experience and then come home to reflect. --Plan for another adventure.

And also, it's like, after 9pm and I'm still trying to do my art/fun, which is glue some stuff to wood.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Kiwi Berry Farm.

It was more than a farm. It was a place where people live and be and connect with other humans and it was the kind of good where you come home and don't want to do anything but go outside and find a patch of earth to lay upon so you can reflect upon your day and fantasize about the future.

Today was a GREAT day.

I owe it all to BK.

The night escapes me because I've spent nearly two hours trying to upload 14 photos to flickr. I can't see how the documenting of my act should outweigh the actual act itself. And of course, I can't access the HTML now that they finally uploaded. Hooray for technology!

Listening to: The Cramps - Goo Goo Muck

Happy Birthday JILL!!!!


  1. Every day you wake up & realize things are still working like they should....It's a great day! ;~)



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