27 September 2014

Patterns on Colors on Patterns

I received a compliment today because of how much my patterns clashed. Ahem, I think my horse dress goes with everything.



You know your wardrobe lacks when you wear the same dress on both Monday and Friday. 

I need to thrift for fall clothes. 

And pick up some rain gear. 

And a couple of lamps. 

Listening to: Ty Segall & White Fence

25 September 2014

Wise Beyond My Years

I've always been told that I'm wise beyond my years and I've never really known what was meant by that statement. Until now.

I misplaced my remote, couldn't figure out how to turn off my TV and so I unplugged it.

I'm old.

Listening to: Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog

UPDATE: I found the remote.


15 September 2014

I showed you mine, now show me yours

These are all of my canned goods.

Garbanzo beans, artichoke hearts, tomato stuff and tomato things.

I'm curious, what's in your cabinet? 

Send a picture of your canned goods, please - let's compare! 

If you don't know how to leave it in the comments, you can email me at JnetWrites@gmail.com. Or take a picture with your phone and text it to 217.416.2953

Thanks, dude!




11 September 2014

General Disarray



Listening to: Cosmonauts - Sweet Talk


10 September 2014

The Christian idea of God was created as a way to control the behavior of others and explain the source of mind-boggling phenomena

....is a really good thing to say to door-to-door Church people.

A young person and her companion knocked on my door and asked if I would participate in a survey. I thought they were college kids so I said yes.

"If there was one thing you could change, what would it be?"

I'd revert food production to before the days of industrial-agriculture, when it was handled on a personal level, before chemicals and for that matter, even further back, as far back to the very beginning of humans figuring out how to use soil to grow plant and animal food -----

The dude cut me off, saying, "Well, that's interesting. [pause] If there was one thing you could say to God, what would it be?"

The Christian idea of God was created as a way to control the behavior of others and explain the source of mind-boggling phenomena, explain and condemn the ideas and behaviors that someone didn't agree with or understand.

He went on to ask, "What kind of dog do you have? Him or her? Is she a mixed breed? What's her name? How old? Oh wow, she doesn't look ten years old."

The Growlers - The Growlers - Acid Rain

06 September 2014

Owl see your mosaic and make one of my own

Do you remember this owl mosaic I made a couple of years ago?

Now look at this photo I found on instagram: 

Notice any similarities? 

It's pretty cool that I inspired someone with what I created. I never thought something like that would happen! 


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