26 October 2014

House --> Home


18 October 2014

Tap tap tap, is this thing on?

I've been exploring Oregon and becoming more and more familiar with Eugene. I have a lot to discover, each day brings me something new. I'm meeting new people, making friends, growing closer with my coworkers. I love my job, it's everything I had hoped for. Life in Oregon is fantastic!

I'm so close to the ocean.

Not far from a field of lava. Damn that sun was so bright, I couldn't open my eyes.

A month after the above selfie fail, I spotted this sign at The Kiva:

You know what else is near?
Clothing optional hot springs!

Mt Hood isn't too far away either.

I spent a day in Portland and came home with flowers.

I barely have time to mosaic, but am slowly finishing the robots.
I hope this heater can keep me warm all winter.

Clearly, I am rambling. Time to step away from the technology. 



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