05 November 2014

Captured by phone

Having a smartphone has decreased the likelihood I will commit random things to memory; I screengrab everything.

I thought I would do a quick blog post based off of photos I took since my last post, but my so-called "photograph collection" is mostly screengrabs of things I want to remember, things I want to think about for potential future possible mosaic ideas, phone numbers, funny things I want to send to people and of course, recipes which I will never make. In betwixt all of that, I did take a few actual photos.

Romanesco: the coolest food ever. Though considered broccoli-ish, it seems more cauliflowery to me. Either way, it's definitely math and science and nature and food. I was so stoked to finally encounter one in person!

Okay, so this is a screengrab. I spend a lot of time thinking about my next mosaic and I especially think about making a fibonacci mosaic. I can't make a decision about what to make. But I would like to find fibonacci in nature, photograph it, then make a mosaic replica of my photo. Now, just to find the perfect thing to photograph....

Oh wait, that's a homemade evil siamese-twin baby doll I spotted at the coolest Halloween party ever. 

I organized stuff around my house on Sunday. These are my scarves.

Back up for a moment, I forgot to show a real Halloween picture. I dressed up as Velma. Ruthie is next to me. Actually, all three of them were basically strangers, related to my coworker. Most everyone was new to me, although I totally ran into someone I knew from working at The Kiva. Gil (pronounced Jill) was one of my favorite people at The Kiva and I was SO stoked to run into her Friday night! But I didn't think to get photos with me and anyone I actually know, which was one other person.

Here's the other person I know, the person who invited me to the party. I mean, Uncle Fester. I mean, a cheddar bunny that looks like a portly fellow jumping up, fist-bumping the air like fuck yeah dude!

Listening to: I'm really bummed that embedding the video for the song I'm listening to is disabled. If you're intrigued, look up the video for the Cosmonauts song Gillian. Or you can watch the video it reminded me of (not because they sound the same, morseso because video contents are similar yet polar opposites):


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