09 November 2014

Moar photoz plz

Since my last update, I've shopped at The Kiva...
...my old stomping grounds, even though I've only been in Eugene since June.

I wore this to work one day.

I took the above photo while waiting for a conference room to open up.
I love my job. I love the warehouse. 

Solar-panel-covered parking at Tamarack. I go here for a silly fun water aerobics class. Indoor saltwater pool heated to 92. Can't beat it!

Oregon is magic.

I wore this to work another day.

Scott and Laura's yard is pretty.

So this building's walls are barrells covered in spray foam. 

Here's a spray foam giant eagle.

Look at that thing.

And look closer at this sketchy building.

I went to Vancouver, WA and walked on a bridge that connects to Portland and I saw Mt Hood. 

It's a cool bridge.

These aren't my feet, but I did get a pedicure.

Listening to: Allah-Lahs - Long Journey

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