29 December 2015


You know how I've been feeling that nobody reads my blog besides my mom and Desoto Joe? Well, it's not true. Firmoo contacted me about a month ago to offer me a free pair of glasses in exchange for a review, and since they're a Global Online Optical Store and they contacted me, I'm obviously a worldwide household name.
The first hurdle I had to conquer was picking out a pair of glasses without trying them on. Their site does have a way for you to upload a photo and virtually try on different glasses, which I did not do, but found someone on Instagram who did:

I didn't feel like taking a photo of myself, uploading it, then selecting glasses to 'try on' so I used their measurement recommendation: 

After some hemming and hawing, I settled on the DBSN62168 in gray/pink and I absolutely love them!

The biggest lesson I learned from all this is how important the lens coatings are. I immediately noticed an improvement when I drove at night! Firmoo's frame prices are very reasonable, most are below $30, so I would highly recommend springing for the lens upgrades. 

Their online ordering system was very easy to follow and my glasses arrived in exactly two weeks, just as promised. Firmoo surprised me with a very durable hard case (they were shipped from China in the case, which was inside a barely-padded envelope), a soft case which I use all the time and an eyeglass repair kit which I hope to never use. I am a very happy customer!

On a different note, look at all that silver hair I'm getting. I'll be 38 in May. 

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27 December 2015

Luper Pioneer Cemetery

Greta texted me yesterday morning to see if I wanted to explore the junkyard so we set off on our way around noon, but they were closed. Instead, she took me to an old cemetery that used to be overgrown when she was a kid, but it was cleaned and is well-maitained by a volunteer, Russ Carey. He happened to be there working that day and gave us a mini-historical rundown. You'll have to check the web site for more info, LuperCemetery.com, because I'm meeting someone for dinner in ten minutes.

I got new glasses from firmoo a couple of weeks ago  - I'm going to write a post about them / the experience in a day or two. The glasses are perfect!

24 December 2015

Road trip!

...beginning at 2am, to Ashland, Oregon and back to Eugene, co-piloting while Dave delivered produce.

I like Grants Pass, OR quite a bit. 

Such a great way to spend Christmas Eve!

20 December 2015

Itsy bitsy, teensy weensy

I keep using tinier and tinier pieces, which is why this mosaic is taking a long time to make.

01 December 2015

Hi Mom and Desoto Joe

I know you two are wondering what I've been up to. Not much.



Something fun in my neigjborhood:

The end. 

11 November 2015

Ridin Nerdy

I'm riding shotgun on the way to Portland, so now seems like a good time to write something on my poor ol' neglected blog.

So what have I been up to? The last month I've been working on a really cool project for orientation for work. Outside of that, mosaicing a little here and there, climbing Spencer Butte once or twice a week, and hanging out with friends.

Panaromic gone bad.

I'm already done blogging. Sorry for the super short post, Mom!

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18 October 2015

Four hours after arriving at work

......I realized my dress was on backwards.

And this was after receiving three compliments on my outfit.

Listening to Face Candy

10 October 2015

And so now I've done that before

My hotel room last night had a "foyer" that was not shared with another room. I had to use my key to get into the main door, then again for my room door. 

But I did not remember this fact when I got out of the shower last night and went into the foyer area to be nosey and spy on people in the hall. 

I got locked out of my room and then walked to the front desk sopping wet and wrapped only in a towel, to request a key.

28 August 2015

My blog had an 8-year anniversary two weeks ago

I remembered the anniversary, but didn't have anything commemorative to post. 

What have I been up to?

I finally got to check out Blair Alley, a vintage arcade in Eugene. 

I went to the arcade after seeing Kimya Dawson at the WOW Hall. Both of those things happened last night. 

Fifteen hours before that, I paid a Gramma to make me a delicious sandwich.

About an hour before that, I was still laying on the top bunk of this bed at the hostel in McMenamins.

One of my favorite murals at Edgefield.

Forest fires make for brilliant sunsets that can't be captured via iphone.

I need to cut the green edge of Pati's Mom's Christmas dish into leaf shapes.

This reminds me of my coworkers who play video games in their spare time.

I ate a sandwich in my swim suit next to this river on my lunch hour.

All the pink is done, but I need to smooth out the outer curve.

This is also my kitchen. (I posted a different angle a month ago.)

I solo road-tripped to Cottage Grove and ate mac-n-cheese.

Listening to: Eyedea & Abilities

04 August 2015

A watered down version of my life in photos and screen grabs, most recent first and then backwards in time from there

Nachos are officially a staple meal at my house. Tonight's was the quick-version, wherein I buy pre-made guacamole. Next time I buy this brand of salsa, can someone please remind me to get the Hot?

I traipsed in a meadow last night with Kristi. She also made dinner for me and her family. I really need to get a cast iron skillet and a new fucking can opener.

I'm working on a mosaic for Pati. 

I took Friday off.

My brother and I have been texting each other what is essentially junk mail, but it sure is fun.

I swam in a river next to a hospital with Kristi, Ben and Scott and Laura (pictured).

I went on a lunchtime tour of Tom's peach farm. Look how those branches are loaded with food and propped up with boards and ropes. Harvest time is a sight to behold!

This is my kitchen.

Here's what my mosaic workspace looked like about ten days ago.

I'm kind of obsessed with spotting the International Space Station.

Nico stayed with Alyssa while I was in Seattle and this is how close she got to a deer.

I learned a lot in Seattle! I had fun going from store to store, just looking at produce and getting to know people. It was amazing!

I realize that not everyone enjoys and appreciates a good box, but I do.

Light bulbs!

Late night Space Needle!

Glass blower, not currently blowing!

Colors and more color!

Player piano wallpaper in my hotel room's water closet!

Super fly!

Exclamation points.

Listening to: Eyedea & Abilities - Now


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