25 January 2015

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life is but a dream.

In the past I've used metaphors about water and the ocean to help explain the way I was feeling about my life at the time. I've written about jumping ship with no idea what I would do when I hit the water and how I would lay in bed with insomnia, envisioning myself in a rowboat out in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight, no birds, no idea which way to paddle. As I left for Oregon, I likened my voyage to my teenage experience of swimming back and forth across a lake even though I don't know how to swim: Relax and you will float.

I'm still paddling and unsure of what exactly it is that I'm heading toward, but confident I am moving in the right direction.

Man, I sure do wish I had a photo of me paddling in the ocean, but I've only ocean-kayaked once and no one took any pictures of me on the trip. Instead, here's a photo I took of the ocean the other day.

I'm so grateful for my job at OGC. It was worth the 2000-mile solo-relocation, though I am homesick for my family. This is by far the longest I have ever gone without seeing my parents, brother, Gramma Sue, cousins, aunts and uncles. I lived for 30 years thinking I'd never live more than 25 miles from my parents, then I moved 100 miles away.

Now, I live on the other side of the Rockies.

I was longing to work for a company that was somehow involved with organic produce and was filled by the best, brightest and most passionate folks who would inspire me to love harder, challenge myself and grow beyond the unrealistic limitations that I have bound myself in.

And here I am.

Feeling grateful.

Listening to: Talking Heads - I feel it in my heart


  1. I'm thinking about selling Buckwheat dolls in Ferguson. Wish me luck;~)

  2. Missing you too!! Wish we could 'meet half way' like we used to... Proud of you for taking a chance and seeing your dreams come true!! Love, Maa



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