13 May 2015

I played doctor with my boss in front of 128 people

This is me with my boss, David. We presented a psychological study on his brother (Tom), who turned 60 a few days after I turned 37 (that happened).

So, what else have I been up to in the last six weeks? 

I grouted the mosaic above and I helped three kids make mosaics for their mom for Mother's Day.

Not pictured: one of the kids.

I found a new place to buy used books:

I drank this:
Fresh vegetable juice.

And this:

I spent the night at McMenamins Edgefield and my room had an historic stripper pole. 
I think it's offensive to say "stripper pole." The politically correct term suggested to me is "dancer's pole." Who cares? As long as the pole isn't load-bearing, let's get creative!

I took a bunch of photos of my coworkers for work and this is one of the outtakes.

Eugene is pretty awesome.




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