08 June 2015

I have returned from my home planet: East Carondelet

In April 2014, I drove a meandering 2600 miles over eight days to relocate from Illinois to Oregon.

That transition from there to here was less dramatic than being transported 2000 miles to Illinois in ten hours, then reversing the process a week later and plopping myself back to Oregon.

Not to mention that it's quite disorienting for me to go 15 months without seeing my family. 

I snapped the above photos while my brother drove me past St Louis Union Station. I worked across the street from this building for 10 years and had regularly visited it for twice that long. Reflecting on that time, it felt more like a dream than a memory of something I actually lived and experienced.

This is the view of the St Louis skyline as seen from Illinois. I grew up about 10-12 miles from here. But when I lived in St Louis, I only got to enjoy that view on my return trip from visiting my parents; I didn't get to see that perspective when I was living in the city.

Now it's too far away to look at. 

Heck, that photo above was taken about two hours into my first flight and it's where the plains end (left) and the Rockies begin (right). I moved far away.

Perspective: changed.

Listening to: a box fan in the window. I don't have air conditioning, which is a must in the Midwest.

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