18 July 2015

Sometimes you have to take a big poop, and that's just life

Remember that *draft blog post with real thoughts and feelings I was thinking about finishing, editing, adding photos to and publishing like three weeks ago? Yeah, me neither. I'm still focused on being in the moment rather than capturing the moment. 


Oregon feels more like home now that I've experienced the death of someone I grew to know and care about. 

My transition from Portland to Eugene was even less smooth than my transition from Illinois to Portland. I'd been sleeping on a then-stranger's couch in Portland for over a month when I found a job at The Kiva in Eugene. 

And that's all I wrote.

I promise I had an entire story with a point, but time got away from me and now I don't want to write that story anymore. 

So what have I been doing since I drafted that post? 

I wore this dress to work a few weeks ago. Scott K named it the "Super Bowl 41XXX dress."

I finally snagged a photo of this sign at work. I freaking love my job.

I had a really cool work experience last week - riding with one of our drivers to Southern Oregon; 397 miles that day. I learned a lot, saw most of our stores on that route and met many new people. It was an awesome day, worth waking up at 1am for....if you know me, you know how much I value sleep.

Visiting so many stores in one day helped me understand why I frequent small grocery stores over large. How much more personal can you get than reading a hand-written note? 

Standing in the back rooms of various big box stores reminded me that I am a microscopic being Vs. small stores who reassure me that we are all microscopic beings.

I finally snapped a photo of this sign! Thanks, Holly!

I have photos of both a latitude and a longitude sign and this is surprisingly gratifying. I'm super duper happy about this life achievement.

Nico af.

Listening to: Habibi - Sunsets

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  1. Nice to see that you're not dead & too busy to blog about it;~) Best wishes from Missouri!!!



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