04 August 2015

A watered down version of my life in photos and screen grabs, most recent first and then backwards in time from there

Nachos are officially a staple meal at my house. Tonight's was the quick-version, wherein I buy pre-made guacamole. Next time I buy this brand of salsa, can someone please remind me to get the Hot?

I traipsed in a meadow last night with Kristi. She also made dinner for me and her family. I really need to get a cast iron skillet and a new fucking can opener.

I'm working on a mosaic for Pati. 

I took Friday off.

My brother and I have been texting each other what is essentially junk mail, but it sure is fun.

I swam in a river next to a hospital with Kristi, Ben and Scott and Laura (pictured).

I went on a lunchtime tour of Tom's peach farm. Look how those branches are loaded with food and propped up with boards and ropes. Harvest time is a sight to behold!

This is my kitchen.

Here's what my mosaic workspace looked like about ten days ago.

I'm kind of obsessed with spotting the International Space Station.

Nico stayed with Alyssa while I was in Seattle and this is how close she got to a deer.

I learned a lot in Seattle! I had fun going from store to store, just looking at produce and getting to know people. It was amazing!

I realize that not everyone enjoys and appreciates a good box, but I do.

Light bulbs!

Late night Space Needle!

Glass blower, not currently blowing!

Colors and more color!

Player piano wallpaper in my hotel room's water closet!

Super fly!

Exclamation points.

Listening to: Eyedea & Abilities - Now

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