28 August 2015

My blog had an 8-year anniversary two weeks ago

I remembered the anniversary, but didn't have anything commemorative to post. 

What have I been up to?

I finally got to check out Blair Alley, a vintage arcade in Eugene. 

I went to the arcade after seeing Kimya Dawson at the WOW Hall. Both of those things happened last night. 

Fifteen hours before that, I paid a Gramma to make me a delicious sandwich.

About an hour before that, I was still laying on the top bunk of this bed at the hostel in McMenamins.

One of my favorite murals at Edgefield.

Forest fires make for brilliant sunsets that can't be captured via iphone.

I need to cut the green edge of Pati's Mom's Christmas dish into leaf shapes.

This reminds me of my coworkers who play video games in their spare time.

I ate a sandwich in my swim suit next to this river on my lunch hour.

All the pink is done, but I need to smooth out the outer curve.

This is also my kitchen. (I posted a different angle a month ago.)

I solo road-tripped to Cottage Grove and ate mac-n-cheese.

Listening to: Eyedea & Abilities

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  1. Wow, time freaking flies. Happy belated anniversary from the Midwest!



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