10 October 2015

And so now I've done that before

My hotel room last night had a "foyer" that was not shared with another room. I had to use my key to get into the main door, then again for my room door. 

But I did not remember this fact when I got out of the shower last night and went into the foyer area to be nosey and spy on people in the hall. 

I got locked out of my room and then walked to the front desk sopping wet and wrapped only in a towel, to request a key.


  1. Who it the guy in the tub? Or is that a tub? Have to admit you lead a very interesting life and sometimes I wish I was there for the fun!! Glad you do updates - I'm sure there's a lot we're missing!!

  2. Yeah, I done that. Got stuck in a hotel in Chicago in the hall in just my briefs. Ran out to get some ice & the door locked. I'm glad they didn't have cell phones then;~)



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