29 December 2015


You know how I've been feeling that nobody reads my blog besides my mom and Desoto Joe? Well, it's not true. Firmoo contacted me about a month ago to offer me a free pair of glasses in exchange for a review, and since they're a Global Online Optical Store and they contacted me, I'm obviously a worldwide household name.
The first hurdle I had to conquer was picking out a pair of glasses without trying them on. Their site does have a way for you to upload a photo and virtually try on different glasses, which I did not do, but found someone on Instagram who did:

I didn't feel like taking a photo of myself, uploading it, then selecting glasses to 'try on' so I used their measurement recommendation: 

After some hemming and hawing, I settled on the DBSN62168 in gray/pink and I absolutely love them!

The biggest lesson I learned from all this is how important the lens coatings are. I immediately noticed an improvement when I drove at night! Firmoo's frame prices are very reasonable, most are below $30, so I would highly recommend springing for the lens upgrades. 

Their online ordering system was very easy to follow and my glasses arrived in exactly two weeks, just as promised. Firmoo surprised me with a very durable hard case (they were shipped from China in the case, which was inside a barely-padded envelope), a soft case which I use all the time and an eyeglass repair kit which I hope to never use. I am a very happy customer!

On a different note, look at all that silver hair I'm getting. I'll be 38 in May. 

Listening to: Mac Demarco - The Stars Keep on Calling My Name


  1. I like the glasses but how do they get your prescription for eye wear?

    1. I requested a copy of my last prescription and entered it on my profile. It was a perfect match!

  2. Grey hair....Pffft. Young pup. Like the glasses. In another ten years, you'll need cheaters;~)



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