02 June 2016

Thanks for letting us party with your dog

I was attacked by a kidney stone Sunday night, inconveniently after Urgent Care closed.

I had one when I was a teenger and this incident was a lot more painful than I remember; a 2mm shard of minerals sure can wreak a lot of havoc. I did not go into shock, but I did hyperventilate which made my arms go numb, and I spent some time with no idea what was going on. And I laid in the fetal position. Shivering. There are no words to express how painful it was.

I do not recommend kidney stones.

I must give special thanks to my coworker, Jason, for taking me to the ER and all the other stuff that goes along with that responsibility. It would have sucked to try to do all that by myself.

The best part was when I picked up Nico after she'd been at Jason's for two days, hearing his roommate say "thanks for letting us party with your dog."

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  1. Worst pain there is (or so I have been told) I have had a woman who had a few children tell me that labor was a walk in the park, compared to the pain of a kidney stone. I have seen a guy literally, tear out clumps of his hair on a stretcher experiencing one. I hope all is well. Love from the show me state.



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