03 July 2016


Assuming I never add to or delete from my blog's history, this is my 501st post.

Photos in my phone...

It is super sunny inside my apartment at this very moment, but instead of a photo of that, check out this window-reflection pucture from last night. I love that both the tree-lined night sky and my kitchen are visible. 

I bought six succulents at yesterday's farmers market, $2.50 each.

A cat named Dandelion lives next door and now comes in/out and eats Nico's food as he pleases.

I screen-grabbed this the other day for my brother:

While unpacking, I uncovered this photo of Nico and myself from May of 2006:

Oh man, I had the worst hangover ever about ten days ago. "I had three Old Fashioneds, each time with a different whiskey, before dinner..." sets the tone. And the story continues with "...and then two glasses of red wine with dinner. And then I spent an hour in a hot, salt water soaking pool, where I had a rum/pina colada-ish drink. And then when the pool closed at 11, I had two more Old Fashioneds over the course of the next two hours...."


The hangover was worth it.

Scott K found me a gigantic rug for $50 and vaccuumed it in his driveway before delivering it to my apartment.

My favorite mirror is hanging above my defunct fireplace.

Okay, I'm hungry. Good night.

Listening to: Danny Seth


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