27 January 2017

Sending the quilted mosaic "Made in China, USA" to its new home! 

I'll miss you!

13 January 2017

Photos on my phone

Double Stuff!

I asked someone to hold my phone while I put on my coat. I found about a dozen photos of my butt, taken within 15 seconds. 

Working on a presentation with Tom. We're looking at a diagram of a fig wasp's life cycle.

Work. The Sales and Buying office is in through the door in the upper left-hand corner.

For the work holiday party, I dressed as Mrs. Claus-ish.

Eugene got a good snow on 7 Jan 2017!

BIG flakes!

Greater than, less than, level one!

The best garlic cheese bread I've ever made!

Haha! Silly signage, those aren't Brussels sprouts!

Hali walking Nico on Christmas.

Who drew this!? Kids are the best.

Fucking rude ass neighborhood dog owners. So much dog shit.

At my massage lady's. She really roughs me up.

Making dinner.

Another rad sign by my landlord. It really is dumb when someone parks in my lot that isn't supposed to - there are signs at every parking space.


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