05 July 2017

(Why did I ever post this?)

Firework mania over here, but the majority sound professional. 

Earlier I was all, "Nico's too old and deaf for fireworks."

And then I was all, "she's totally freaking out man!" But then we went outside and came back in, and as it turns out, Nico just had to poop real bad.

She's sleeping now and for me, fireworks + train horns are interrupting Svengoolie while I wait for pot pie to cool.



  1. I know this is late - Sorry - haven't been keeping up with you since you only post occasionally. Any...way.... glad Nico wasn't upset about the fireworks. I guess that's one good thing about getting older and not hearing as well. We had our big neighborhood party on Friday before the 4th. It was crazy!! Your Dad said they even set up a water slide on the side of the levee! The fireworks were amazing (who needs the VP Fair when you've got just as good a block away!)

  2. I have been eating pot pies lately (they are the bomb) Besides, that is the only way I'll eat peas, pretty much;~)



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