29 May 2018

What is up?

I keep thinking about writing an actual blog post, but then I don’t make time for it. Instead of writing, I’m going to post some photos. 

Getting this mosaic ready for its new home.

Shaved Nico for my first time. I’ve had her for 15 years.

My plot at Skinner City Farm is in order.

Peonies smell amazing then suddenly explode.

California poppy.

Sampling produce at work! I still don’t like cantaloupe but galias are growing on me, so maybe someday I’ll learn to like them! 

Best photoshop job I’ve ever done! 

Listening to: Wax - Living Foul

07 May 2018

40 is the new late-onset puberty

Yep. I was born in 1978.

In 1977, my mom ordered me from The Internet, like so:

Although I’m all good with my age, sometimes I see photos of myself and am surprised at what I look like.

Thanks obamak52.


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