11 June 2018

Adults Vs Children

I walked to a bar to do some data entry for work while drinking (my boss knows and supports me lol). 

On my way inside, there were a few adults arguing with a few children. 

The adults were at the bar, outside, smoking in the smoking section. This section is surrounded by a fence. 

On the other side, sitting on a curb, were some kids hanging out and smoking cigarettes. The youngest looked about 8 or 9 and the oldest looked 12 or 13. 

The adults started harassing the kids and the conversation went something like this — 

Adults: What are you doing!? You’re too young to smoke!

Kids: So.

Adults: Don’t you know how bad it is for you!?

8-yr old: (after lighting a cig, obviously experienced) You’re smoking? Soooo.

Adults: But WE. are. adults!

Kids: So.

Adults: We’re old enough.

Kids: So. 

Adults: Well you shouldn’t be smoking.

Kids: Well at least we aren’t losers hanging out in a bar on a Monday.

One adult: I’m with my friends! 

One kid: ...your loser friends.

Second adult: We’re not losers!!

Same kid: You guys suck

The other kids: So.

Second adult: You shouldn’t be smoking. 

Street person: LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE! 

Adults: ask trivia guy to repeat the last three questions because they were “dealing with a thing.”

Seems like the kids just needed an advocate.

Listening to: trivia (theme: Presidential Pullout)

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