Mosaic Artist

quilted mosaic

Are we there yet?

Someday I'll finish the #robot #mosaic.

Almost finished with the robot mosaic, with no idea what to make next! Suggestions are both welcome and encouraged!

Redbird Electric

Colors and shapes and patterns, oh my! (@greengypsy's photo)


#mosaic :: #complete

Preparing for stage two.


That Knasty Knitter: Before grout was painted
Ready for grout!

That Knasty Knitter: After grout was painted
That Knasty Knitter

#mosaic #unedited

Me next to the #mosaic for size perspective.


Robots Today

Another for  @jyoseph. Mosaic floor I laid in 2004.

Reminiscing, My 1st Mosaic

Ventriloquist - Sock Monkey - Jeff

Ventriloquist - Sock Monkey - Jeff

The Owl

Sitting outside, staring at this #tree

#mosaic 9" x 24" (still to do: tile edges, grout, attach hardware)

Playing with some photo apps @thepatrick75 and @mochamomma turned me on to. #mosaic

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  1. My sister Pati was talking about your work, so we looked you up. My goodness, your work is beautiful. No wonder she wants to give you the broken dishes from our mother!



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